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The Royal Canadian Mint uniquely crafted each and every medal for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, bringing to life a design inspired by the natural environment of Canada's West Coast.

Get behind the scenes and watch the making of the Vancouver 2010 athlete medals...
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  • The Story
    The Story

    Ground-breaking design and unparalleled technical expertise have helped the Royal Canadian Mint play a role in writing a new chapter in the history of Olympic and Paralympic Games medals.

    Find out how
  • The Steps
    The Steps

    Over 30 steps - representing 2817 hours (402 days) of precision manufacturing, innovation and craftsmanship - were taken to produce the athlete medals for Vancouver 2010.

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  • The People
    The People

    Thirty-four Mint engineers, engravers, die technicians, machinists and production experts have combined forces to create an unforgettable series of athlete medals for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games.

    Meet the people
  • The Inspiration and Design
    The Inspiration and Design

    Learn more about the artists of the 2010 Winter Games medals.

    See the design