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Precious metals storage services

The Royal Canadian Mint provides highly secure, transparent storage of Mint-branded precious metals for large financial institutions, investment funds, corporations and other business-to-business clients.


Upholding a tradition of excellence

A Crown Corporation of the Government of Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint provides secure storage of globally recognized precious metal products in our network of secure vaults at the Mint's facilities in Ottawa and Winnipeg. We also store precious metal products in gold, silver, platinum and palladium in various forms (coins, bars, wafers, ingots) across our secure network of facilities, which includes more than 15 locations in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia.

The Mint is exceptionally secure.  All bars are weighed on deposit, and all inventory is counted on a semi-annual basis.  The Mint's financial statements are audited annually by the Government of Canada's Office of the Auditor General, and customers can arrange for formal audits of their own holdings.  In addition, the Mint's Precious Metal Storage Services Internal Control System is audited annually by an independent external auditor.  The Mint can work with you to address your unique compliance requirements, whether for day-to-day operations or specific audits.

With a respected and globally recognized hallmark, and as the manufacturer of world leading Maple Leaf coins, wafers, bars and other precious products, the Mint can both provide new product to support fund expansion and refining services to support fund redemption without the costs related to additional transportation or security requirements.


Complementary offerings

Within our technologically advanced precious metals assay lab, we are able to ascertain the purity of clients’ holdings to a high degree of accuracy.

Casting, recasting and updating
If a customer has older bars or bars that have been out of the primary chains of custody, we can offer an updating/upgrading service that assays, refines and casts their product into new bars, bringing their investment up to current global standards.

Custody and transport
Our strong relationships with global custodians, secure transport providers, refiners and financial institutions allow us to arrange for secure transport of customers’ precious metals.


To learn more about our storage services and see if they are the right option for safeguarding your precious metals, please contact our sales team at