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Quality & ISO

Certified quality

Our ISO 9001 certification means that the Royal Canadian Mint meets and is committed to maintaining the International Organization for Standardization external quality-assurance standards for production, installation and servicing.

The Mint has established, documented and implemented a Quality Management System. The Mint continually improves the system's effectiveness in accordance with ISO standards.

The Mint has:

  • Identified the processes needed to establish and apply the Quality Management System throughout the company
  • Determined the sequence and interaction of these processes
  • Determined criteria and methods needed to ensure effective operation and control of these processes
  • Ensured that resources and information are available to support the operation and monitoring of these processes
  • Monitored, measured and analyzed these processes
  • Taken action to achieve planned results and continual improvement of these processes

Control at every step

Throughout every stage of production, rigorous process control ensures that each coin and blank meets the standards set by clients and maintains our uncompromising visual requirements. Advanced computer technologies bring precision and efficiency to manufacturing, packaging and shipping.

Our quality policy

Our Goal at the Royal Canadian Mint is to provide our customers with excellence in the quality of our products and services.

The Mint will continually improve the effectiveness of the management system to deliver products and services that meet customer expectations in a timely and cost effective manner.

Visit the ISO website at to learn more about ISO standards.