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Featured Coins

There are coins which stay in your mind long after they've left your pocket. The Royal Canadian Mint is proud to issue coins that are recognized as worldwide minting milestones:

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Coins – Making history with the creation of the first-ever circulation coin program celebrating Olympic and Paralympic games.

Québec 400th Anniversary Toonie – This commemorative $2 coin highlights the city of Québec as a meeting place for people and culture.

The Million Dollar Coin – Not only a first of its kind, but also setting a Guinness World Record as the world's largest and purest gold coin.

Breast Cancer Coin – Together with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, the world's second coloured circulation coin respects a future without breast cancer.

Year of the Veteran Coin – This 25 cent coin pays tribute to Canadian veterans, thanking the young and old for their decades of duty and sacrifice in times of war and peace.

Terry Fox Coin – This special circulation $1 coin was created in memory of Terry Fox, a true Canadian hero with a legend that lives on.

The Poppy Coin – As the world's first coloured circulation coin, this red poppy stamped coin quickly became a collector's item.