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Returns are FREE (Canada only)

The Royal Canadian Mint's Secure, Modern and Resistant Technologies (SM&RT) allow us to produce the world's most secure coins, providing the highest return on your coinage investment.


Our advanced coin security features provide a range of economical options for protecting your country's coinage.

  • Edge lettering
  • Micro-engraving
  • Multi-ply plating
  • Electromagnetic signatures
  • Laser marks
  • Virtual images
  • Digital Non-destructive Activation (DNA) technology
  • Bi-metallic composition

Strength and durability

Every coin we make undergoes double annealing — a process that yields the softest possible core for easy striking and rich detail while providing the hardest possible surface for maximum wear resistance.

Modern designs

We combine state-of-the-art engraving techniques and decades of experience to provide high-definition designs optimized for your climate and usage.

Your choice of technologies

With the Royal Canadian Mint, you have more options to suit your country's coinage priorities: from secure, high-performing multi-ply plated steel to environmentally friendly cyanide-free brass and bronze.

SM&RT multi-ply plated steel

We pioneered multi-ply plating technology to produce coins that are harder, longer-lasting and more tarnish-resistant than traditional alloys — at a lower cost and with the security of a built-in machine-readable electromagnetic signature (EMS).

SM&RT nickel

Our revolutionary single-layer nickel-plated steel products outperform traditional mono-ply plated coins, featuring just 15 micrometres of nickel on a steel core for a nickel anode cost as much as 40 percent lower than mono-ply plating.

SM&RT brass

Yellow coin production typically involves the use of cyanide and chlorine, both of which pose risks to human health and the environment. Our SM&RT brass product is both cyanide- and chlorine-free, producing cost-effective yellow coins with excellent wear resistance and durability.

SM&RT bronze

For countries that prefer to use bronze for their yellow coins, our SM&RT bronze yellow product delivers all the same benefits as our SM&RT brass product.