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2022 Mental Health Medal and Magnet

2022 Mental Health Medal and Magnet

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Mental health: Make it matter

Your dual-sided medal comes with a magnet so that either design can be worn to show your support for wellness initiatives and mental health services.

Fear. Sadness. Anger. Anxiety. Depression. Now more than ever, it’s important to recognize the toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on the mental health of many people in Canada. For more than a year, we’ve been asked to help our communities by staying apart; now it’s time to help each other by reaching out, speaking up and offering support—or seeking it, if needed. Like our 2020 Recognition Medal for essential workers, the 2022 Mental Health Medal is a unique keepsake you can wear, keep or give to someone. It is a reminder that no one is truly alone, that there is someone who is willing to listen, and that your feelings do matter. With this special medal, you’re also signalling your support for mental health resources and services in Canada: we’re donating 100% of the net proceeds to Kids Help Phone to help ensure young people in Canada have access to mental health support in any moment of crisis or need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you or someone you know needs mental health support, help IS available. Connect with Kids Help Phone 24/7 by calling 1-800-668-6868 (toll free) If you or someone you know needs mental health support, help IS available.
Connect with Kids Help Phone 24/7 by calling 1-800-668-6868 (toll free).

Special features:
  • IN SUPPORT OF KIDS HELP PHONE. The Royal Canadian Mint is donating all (100%) net proceeds to Kids Help Phone to help ensure young people in Canada have access to mental health support in any moment of crisis or need—24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • MENTAL HEALTH: MAKE IT MATTER. Your dual-sided medal comes with a magnet so that either design can be worn to show your support for wellness initiatives and mental health services.
  • “I’M LISTENING.” Listening is one-half of a successful conversation, and everyone wants to feel heard. When you show this medal, you’re signalling your willingness to have a conversation about mental health with those around you.
  • “YOU’RE NOT ALONE.” If you’re struggling, this medal is a reminder that there is no such thing as “perfect” mental health. It’s a gentle encouragement to talk to someone and seek help when needed, because mental health matters.
  • INCLUDES MAGNET ATTACHMENT. The medal is made of nickel-plated steel that makes it magnetic. To wear it, choose the side you wish to display; position the medal on your clothing, then place the magnet on the other side of the fabric to hold it in place.
  • READY TO GIVE OR KEEP. Your medal and magnet come packaged together in a gift card folder enclosed in a clear plastic pouch.

About the 2022 Mental Health Medal & Magnet Design
Proudly created by Royal Canadian Mint employees, the Mental Health Medal features two different designs recognizing the effects of the pandemic on the mental health of Canadians. On one side of the medal, the design makes use of negative and positive space to present two overlapping silhouettes: the person on the left is opening up about their struggles, while the one on the right is actively listening. The triangles indicate each person’s state of well-being, with unorganized triangles representing fragmentation of thought and/or a state of distress; the organized pattern suggests a healthier state of mind, while missing triangles remind us there is no such thing as “perfect” mental health. Carefully sculpted facets on both side of the conversation alter the way light is reflected whenever the coin is tilted. The effect beautifully represents the emotional dynamics of a conversation that could have a lasting, positive impact. The second side of the medal is a stylized maple leaf. Similar to the 2020 Recognition Medal, this symbol of Canada represents our nation’s spirit, and our willingness to help each other through these difficult times. This is reinforced by the positioning of the words “santé mentale  mental health” to resemble the veins of the maple leaf—a powerful reminder that mental health is integral to good health.  

"When it comes to dealing with mental health issues, the societal evolution from 'just shake it off' and 'get over it' to 'it’s okay to not be okay' has been very heartening to witness. Asking for help is no longer seen as a weakness. This is crucial because healing from the collective trauma that we have gone through during this pandemic will necessitate significant recovery. This medal embodies the sentiments that we’re all in this together, that help is there when we need it, and that we’re going to get each other through this."
- Minka Singh, Product Management Coordinator & Mental Health Ambassador

"This medal is an important symbol and reminder of our role to support young people in Canada and ensure they have access to mental health support.
Let’s remember, our future is anchored against the young people of this country and if you just follow the young people and you see their resilience and courage and ability to be hopeful in the midst of some tough situations, I think you’ll feel hopeful yourselves.

- Katherine Hay, President and CEO, Kids Help Phone

Did you know?
  • In 2020, Kids Help Phone saw more than 4.6 million connections with young people —more than double the self-directed sessions, number of calls, texts and chats received in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.
  • More than half (66%) of those who contact Kids Help Phone are between the ages of 14 and 24.
  • Demand for service increased by 112% during the first month of the pandemic (March 2020), compared to the year prior. In response to this mental health emergency, Kids Help Phone expanded its services by launching Crisis Text Line Canada, which allows adults and seniors to get immediate support by texting WELLNESS to 741741. Along with its partners, Kids Help Phone also launched Wellness Together Canada, which provides virtual mental health and substance use support regardless of age or location in Canada.

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Charitable Registration Number 130005846 RR0001



  • No.203083
  • Mintage While Supplies Last
  • Compositionnickel-plated steel
  • Finishcirculation
  • Weight (g) 6.04
  • Diameter (mm) 22.25
  • Edgeplain
  • Certificate
  • Face valuemedallion
  • ArtistRoyal Canadian Mint

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