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6-Coin Specimen Set - Pileated Woodpecker (2019)

6-Coin Specimen Set - Pileated Woodpecker (2019)

$49.95 CAD
Mintage: 30,000
Canada and US only

Inspire a child's or grandchild’s coin collecting interest with this beautiful 6-coin set today!

Sporting a crest that’s as red as Canada’s flag, the pileated woodpecker plays an important role in maintaining the health of our forests. The hard-working bird is the latest species showcased in our annual specimen set, which features a set-exclusive dollar and a world-exclusive specimen finish.

Your stunning pileated woodpecker coin is exclusive to this 6-coin specimen set! Order today!

Special features:
  • RARELY SEEN! Your 2019 set includes a 50-cent coin in a specimen finish! Exclusive to this set!
  • A CONTINUING TRADITION! The specimen set has featured a different bird species each year since 2008. The 2019 edition continues this longstanding tradition by showcasing the pileated woodpecker, a favourite of Canadian birders and nature enthusiasts.
  • ONLY AVAILABLE AS PART OF THIS SET! The bird-themed dollar coin is exclusive to this 2019 specimen set.
  • A WORLD-EXCLUSIVE FINISH! All six coins feature a specimen finish, which combines brilliant and frosted relief over a lined specimen background. The Royal Canadian Mint is the only mint to offer an annual set in an exclusive specimen finish.
  • SIX COINS, ONE COMPLETE SET! The set contains a total of six Canadian coins. It features the 2019 designs for the 2-dollar, 50-cent, 25-cent, 10-cent and 5-cent circulation coins, along with a special edition 1-dollar coin.
  • BOOK-STYLE PACKAGING! As in previous years, all six coins are elegantly presented in book-style packaging with a removable lens.

$1 coin design:

On your special dollar coin, the artist Jean-Charles Daumas was inspired by one of his own photographs. The side-profile view of the pileated woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus) shows it vertically scaling an oak tree, where it uses its chisel-like bill to widen an oblong-shaped cavity in the trunk. The reverse includes the word “CANADA”, the year “2019” and the face value, “DOLLAR”. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

Did you know…
  • The pileated woodpecker is the largest of the 13 woodpecker species found in Canada.
  • Ants make up a large part of the woodpecker’s diet—anywhere from 40% to 97%.
  • Excavating a nest cavity can take up to 6 weeks and it is rarely re-used. Once the hole is large enough, the woodpecker climbs in and chips away from the inside, then lines the cavity with wood chips.
  • The woodpecker uses its long neck to pull back from the tree before each blow, and uses its feet to increase the strike force. A sticky, barbed tongue allows the bird to extract its insect prey, which includes wood-boring insects that can potentially threaten the health of our forests.


Your specimen set comes in elegant book-style packaging, with removable lens, that complements your beautiful coins.

Keep your collection up to date with these 2019 coins!

The affordable set also makes a great gift—it is an easy way to share your passion and interests by starting a young person on their collecting journey!

Order today!


I would buy more sets like this


Part of my coin collection.


Omemee, Ontario


nice set


Beautiful coins, nice display case


Fergus, Ontario


Review rating






Mark the year


Great gifts dir grandkids




I would recommend this product to anyone


Another good addition to my coin collection


Wayne, PA


2019 Specimen Set


Always look forward to seeing the new design every year!




I wouldn't buy again as I have a set, I would continue buyin


I like coins, especially coloured ones or coins that depict historical moments in Canada's history. I also like coins that picture Canada's wildlife whether they are coloured or minted with gold or silver content.


Thunder Bay, Ontario


like the specimen finish


enjoy quality coins with different designs




Bought as a gift for a new born to mark the year


A gift for a new born

Uncle B.

Sechelt BC




Quality, one of a kind, great gift


waterloo, on



4.6 43


how can I find out what store around me sells the 2019 6 classic specimen set I live in Palmerston, Ontario N0G 2P0 thank you


Good morning Debra, Thank you for contacting the Royal Canadian Mint. You can purchase this specimen set through the mint website, or by calling our toll free number at 1.800.267.1871. If those options aren't of convenience for you, you can always go to your nearest post office to see if they carry this item, but unfortunately, we don't know which ones have them.


is this only for kids


Hello Al and thank you for asking. This item is for everyone.


Hello, Are there any other bird coin sets such as this either than the Woodpecker and the Burrowed Owl?


I believe the "bird" series started in 2003 and have continued to present year. That's 16 sets so far and my hopes are that they still continue. Although some years are very harder to find, you can still find them out there. All the dollar coins have Canadian birds from owls, geese, swans etc. I think it is one of the best series minted by RCM


Hello and thank you for asking. We only have the 2018 and 2019 Specimen Sets available. You may be able to find previous years with coin dealers.


Is this a regular cdn dollar coin or is this a .999 silver coin or what metal & % please? Tthank you.


Hello Fran and thank you for asking. The composition of the $1 coin is of a three-ply brass finish plated steel.


Where do I find the promotional code?


Hello Marilyn and thank you for asking. Promotional codes are sent via emails or seen on advertisements when available. We do not offer promotional codes on a regular basis.



  • No.170696

1 dollar

  • CompositionThree-ply brass finish plated steel
  • Finishspecimen
  • Weight (g) 6.27
  • Diameter (mm) 26.5
  • Edgeplain
  • ArtistJean-Charles Daumas (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

2 dollars

  • Compositionouter ring: three-ply nickel finish plated steel; inner core: brass-plated aluminum bronze
  • Finishspecimen
  • Weight (g) 6.99
  • Diameter (mm) 28
  • Edgeinterrupted serrations
  • ArtistBrent Townsend (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

50 cents

  • Compositionthree-ply nickel finish plated steel
  • Finishspecimen
  • Weight (g) 6.9
  • Diameter (mm) 27.13
  • Edgereeded
  • ArtistCathy Bursey-Sabourin (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

25 cents

  • Compositionthree-ply nickel finish plated steel
  • Finishspecimen
  • Weight (g) 4.4
  • Diameter (mm) 23.88
  • Edgereeded
  • ArtistEmanuel Hahn (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

10 cents

  • Compositionthree-ply nickel finish plated steel
  • Finishspecimen
  • Weight (g) 1.75
  • Diameter (mm) 18.06
  • Edgereeded
  • ArtistEmanuel Hahn (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

5 cents

  • Compositionthree-ply nickel finish plated steel
  • Finishspecimen
  • Weight (g) 3.95
  • Diameter (mm) 21.2
  • Edgeplain
  • ArtistG.E. Kruger Gray (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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