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Top 5 Gifts for Friends and Family

The holiday season is a time of tradition, stuffed stockings and plenty of cheer, but the fear of what to buy your loved ones can be stressful. So, where do you start? Our holiday gift guide is full of ideas for every special person on your list.

An extraordinary year calls for extraordinary gifts. This year, bring the ‘wow’ to gift giving. Show your friends and family that you listen, that you care, and that you’re invested in them. Whether you want to kick-start someone’s coin collecting hobby, gift them a ‘forever gift’, or give a collector the coin of their dreams, we have it all.

Take a look through our holiday gift ideas, go to our website for more inspiration, or visit one of the participating Canada Post locations to pick up the perfect gifts for the special people in your life.

Give your Loved One a ‘Forever Gift’

The Premium Bullion in Special Packaging is the perfect gift to show someone special that you care. For millennia, silver and gold have captured the human imagination, and both of these precious metals are now available in a gift format ready for the one you love.

It has never been easier to give the gift of silver and gold—you can even personalize your gift by writing a special message inside the card. Every uncirculated bullion coin delivers the quality and purity that one has come to expect from Canada’s world-leading mint and refinery.

Honour a Loved One with a Medal

Our 2022 Mental Health Medal is the perfect gift for the loved one that never lets you down! Since the start of the pandemic, mental health has affected many of us and it has never been more important to talk about our mental health and celebrate the people who do.

This year, make mental health matter and celebrate a champion in your life. 100% of the proceeds will go to support the Kids Help Phone to ensure young people in Canada have access to mental health support in any moment of crisis or need—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tell someone they’re amazing while supporting those most in need.

Give the Gift of Knowledge

The Generations: Inuit Nunangat coin is the perfect gift for any storyteller and historian in your life. It pays tribute to the First Peoples of Canada’s tradition of gifting knowledge, while sharing the lessons of the Sea Goddess.

The coin’s design comes from Inuit Nunangat, where unikkaaqtuat (“myths” in Inuktat) play an important role in the transmission of knowledge and values. Depicted on a 99.99% silver coin, the well-known legend of the Sea Goddess continues to inform new generations and inspire Nunatsiavut artists like Jason Sikoak, who designed this incredible coin. Keep sharing knowledge this festive season!

Take a Trip to Lake Louise

The Pure Silver EHR Coin – Lake Louise will wow your loved one and excite any collector. With the new use of EHR technology, the Canadian Rockies rise to new heights on this pure silver coin.

Never before has the Canadian landscape been rendered so realistically as on this coin’s reverse. The turquoise waters, snow-capped mountains and unparalleled alpine scenery in pure silver celebrate all the geographic elements that make them one of Canada’s greatest treasures. Now you can make this coin your loved one’s newest joy.

Give a Gift that Keeps on Giving

The 6-Coin Specimen Set, featuring Blanding’s Turtle, is the perfect gift for the young environmentalist. Give the “smiling” turtle a helping hand!

This year’s specimen set is a continuation of our Endangered Species theme. Canada is taking its responsibility to protect rapidly vanishing species seriously, like the Blanding’s turtle which is featured on the 2021 Specimen Set’s exclusive dollar coin. This affordable, wildlife-themed set is a great gift that will start your loved one on their collecting journey.

Enjoy the magic of the Holiday season and the joy that comes with giving.

Happy holidays!

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