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It’s all in the numbers | Why you should be excited about mintage

Everybody likes to feel they are part of an exclusive club, or one of a few people in the world to own a rare or limited edition collectible.

Nowhere is this more evident than with coin collecting. With their very tangible connection to the past as one of the most sought-after items since time immemorial, coins have a unique appeal unmatched by other collectibles, and their desirability is enhanced by yet another feature - mintage.

What is coin mintage?

Simply put, a coin’s mintage is the maximum number of coins that can be produced. Mintages can range from as low as 10 to 65,000 or more — and once those coins have been sold, the mint will not produce any more. The lower the mintage, the more rare and collectible the coin.

It’s one of a kind!

Consider the immense pride and personal satisfaction a collector feels as one of just 20 people in the world to own a particular coin – like the lucky few who nabbed the Pure Gold One Kilogram Lunar Lotus Coin - Year of the Ox.

But it’s not just collectors. Imagine gifting the Best Wishes On Your Wedding Day pure silver coin to a friend or family member to celebrate their special day. With only 10,000 available worldwide, this makes for an extra-special gift. Mintage adds exclusivity, and ultimately heightens the perceived value and prestige of a gift.

But how many still exist? 

This is the eternal mystery that lies within each mintage. The mintage on a certificate only states how many coins can be produced (maximum mintage), not what has been produced. This means that, if a coin was not produced to its maximum mintage, there may be even fewer coins in existence – making it even rarer.

Being one of a privileged few to own a rare treasure has universal appeal, and a coin’s mintage quantifies that in a very tangible way. And while mintage is a major factor that is considered by collectors as they acquire new coins, there are a number of other features that come into play, such as composition, finish, innovation, theme or historical value that are all discussed in our online buyer’s guide.

Which factor is truly THE most important? That’s for you, as a collector with your unique tastes and preferences to decide — happy collecting!

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