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2020 Holiday Gift Guide for the “hard to buy for” person on your list

While the holidays may look a little different this year, one thing remains the same – the stress of finding the perfect gift. We all have someone on our list who is impossible to buy for. Whether it’s because they are particular, too humble to request anything specific, or because they seemingly “have everything,” finding the right gift for this special person can often be the trickiest part of the season.

We are here to help. Our gift guide will give you a few examples of thoughtful and unique gifts that you can be sure they don’t already have, never knew they wanted, and will cherish for years to come.

Check out our full Holiday Gift Guide, or stop by your local participating Canada Post outlet to nab a gem, and cross off “Mister or Missus Impossible” from your list with love.

The gift of art and history

Each year, the Royal Canadian Mint proudly produces and releases special circulation coins marking milestones in Canadian culture, heritage and values.

This year, we commemorated three important anniversaries: the 100th anniversary of the birth of Haida artist Iljuwas (Bill Reid), the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War and the 75th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter.

There are nine million of these special circulation coins making their way across Canada, and while we hope one finds you or your loved one, these keepsake cards are a guaranteed way of owning not just one, but two.

With this unique present, you are not only gifting them a guarantee, you are giving them a piece of art and history wrapped into one - something most people don’t own, and all can appreciate. 

The gift of connection

Did you know that Canada is one of the few countries in the world bordered by three oceans? Each 25-cent coin in the Connecting Canada Special Edition set represents each coast – from east, to west, to north. Together, they complete a proud portrait of Canada and form a red maple leaf, which connects us all.

So, while we can’t all be together this year, we are together in spirit. Across the country, or across the street, this gift will let them know that they are in your heart, and that is priceless.

The gift of thanks

While 2020 has been a challenging year, it has really shone a light on the spirit of Canadians. From the dedication of our essential workers, to neighbours helping neighbours, there have been many incredible stories of kindness.

We all know someone who deserves a medal, and if you have one on your list, the 2020 Recognition Medal and Magnet is for them. And with 100% of the net proceeds being donated to the Breakfast Club of Canada’s emergency funding, it is a gift that keeps on giving.

But wait…there’s more!

We’ve only scratched the surface here, there are many more beautiful and truly unique coins that would make the perfect gift, even for the most difficult person on your list. Don’t forget to check out our full Holiday Gift Guide to order online, or pay your local Canada Post outlet a visit for last-minute shopping. We hope we helped relieve some of your gift-giving stress.

And remember, no matter what – it’s the thought that counts, and you can never go wrong with something from the heart…or something shiny. 

Happy holidays!

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Minting Our Thanks

Minting Our Thanks

We’ve all heard the phrase not all heroes wear capes. A lot of them do wear masks though. Throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic a new roster of heroes has emerged. While the majority of us stayed home to stop the spread, these frontline heroes played an integral role in keeping our communities safe, healthy, connected, and well-stocked with essentials.

Bill Reid: The Man. The Legend

Bill Reid: The Man. The Legend

Each year, we proudly create special circulation coins, each marking momentous milestones in our heritage, culture, and values. This year, the 2020 program commences by honouring influential Haida artist and cultural bridge-builder, Iljuwas (Bill Reid).

A Passion To Do Something Special | 2020 Recognition Medal

A Passion To Do Something Special | 2020 Recognition Medal

With a passion to do something special, something that would show appreciation to all the heroes amongst us, the idea of the 2020 Recognition Medal was ignited, and quickly came to life, thanks to the hard work, dedication, and benevolence of Mint employees.