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What kind of collector are you?

Do you enjoy coins for their artistry—or their value? Do you love the thrill of snapping up rare, elusive collectibles—or the reassurance that you’ll be first in line for new issues? Take our quiz and discover your “collector character.” You might be surprised!


What’s the first thing that catches your eye about a coin?

  1. The design. I love beautiful and unique coins.
  2. The mintage. I want to be one of the few people to have a particular coin.
  3. The theme. If it’s something I’m interested in, I’ve got to have it.
  4. The value. I like coins that appreciate over time.

How do you store your coins?

  1. I display my favourites but keep the rest in their original packaging.
  2. I have a special coin album that protects my coins but still lets me look at them.
  3. My newest ones are on display. I keep the rest under lock and key.
  4. I take great care to seal them in protective cases.

Do you enjoy coin series that recur year after year?

  1. I’m more interested in unique designs.
  2. I love them, especially when the mintage goes down every year.
  3. Once I start an ongoing series, I’m in for good.
  4. There are a few high-value annual releases I keep an eye out for.

Do you plan to sell any of your coins?

  1. No, I buy coins because I love them, not to sell them.
  2. Yes. I buy and sell coins all the time to maximize the value of my collection.
  3. Probably not, but if I lose interest in a theme, I might sell a set to someone who would appreciate it.
  4. Maybe someday, but I consider my collection a long-term investment that I hope to pass on to my children.

What do you love most about collecting coins?

  1. Owning pieces of beautiful art.
  2. Possessing something rare and prestigious.
  3. The thrill of completing a series.
  4. Thoughtfully building a collection of value.

Which of the following kinds would you be most likely to buy? Coins that:

  1. Are beautiful and different.
  2. Are almost sold out.
  3. Will complete a series.
  4. Have high value.


Check your results!

If you picked mostly 1, you’re an Admirer.

You love beautiful design and collecting coins for their own sake, without worrying about their long-term value. You might not even really consider yourself a “collector.” But you may not be able to resist new minting innovations when they break onto the scene!

If that sounds like you, here is a coin you might be interested in:

If you picked mostly 2, you’re a Treasure Hunter.

Nothing thrills you more than scoring a coin you’ve been hunting for months—especially if others are also looking for it. You love it when coins sell out, and you gravitate toward releases with low mintages so you can be among the elite few who own one. Given a choice between two coins, you’ll always choose the rarer one.

If that sounds like you, here is a coin you might be interested in:

If you picked mostly 3, you’re a Curator.

You enjoy coins, even if they’re not your primary hobby. You collect them when they align with your other interests—often as part of your broader collection of specialized memorabilia. That said, once you invest in a particular series, you won’t rest until you’ve collected them all.

If that sounds like you, here is a coin you might be interested in:

If you picked mostly 4, you’re a Capital Connoisseur.

To you, coins are part of your legacy. Your collection likely includes high-value precious metal coins from the Royal Canadian Mint and other mints around the world. You may invest - in bullion products and keep a close watch on the gold and silver markets. While you appreciate good design, your priority is good value—and you take extra care not to expose your coins to elements that could damage them or lower their worth.

If that sounds like you, here is a coin you might be interested in:

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