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Mark the occasion with a unique keepsake

From birthdays and baby showers to weddings, life is full of special moments. They’re the moments we reminisce about time and again. The moments we want to be sure we’ll never forget. Sometimes it can be a puzzle trying to figure out the perfect way to commemorate these events. A collectible coin can do just the trick.


Uniqueness is often the thing that turns a gift for yourself or someone else into a truly meaningful keepsake and a family heirloom in the making. Intricate engravings, beautiful finishes, stunning embellishments and jaw-dropping effects combine to make collectible coins truly precious—and we’re not just talking about the metal used to make them.

Each coin is a work of art you can fit in the palm of your hand. Behind each design is the creative vision of an artist, brought to life by our engravers through traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge minting technology. The result is something remarkable and unique.



While collectible coins are something to cherish on their own, it’s the themes that make them perfect for so many occasions. There’s a wide range of themed coins out there, with many capturing the sentiment behind life’s biggest moments. For example, the Mint offers coins to commemorate birthdays and births, weddings and more—even coins to welcome visitors and newcomers to Canada.

Another great thing about collectible coins is that many are issued annually with new features and designs, making them suitable for recurring occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Grandparents, for example, love being able to give new versions of the same coin to their grandkids as they cross certain milestones, like graduating from school or getting married.

The power of coins to enhance special moments is reflected in the fact that we routinely receive stories from customers about how they share our coins with their families and loved ones. In some cases, they use coins to mark a single occasion; in others, they become part of a family tradition.

“I have purchased this set a few times to give as a baby gift and the parents are always thrilled with the keepsake gift. Arrived on time in ‘mint’ condition.”
~ customer review, Baby Gift Set

“I gave this to my son on his wedding day and he carried it in his pocket for good luck!”
~ customer review, 2018 Best Wishes On Your Wedding Day

“I buy coins for grandkids and nieces every year on special occasions. They will never outgrow these lovely coins and will always have a reminder that they are in my thoughts and heart.”
~ customer review, O Canada Gift Set



Want to mark an occasion with a coin or even start a family tradition? Check out the Mint’s wide selection of special occasion coins available through our online store.

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Inspiration for your holiday gift-giving

Inspiration for your holiday gift-giving

For Masters Club member Pierre-Pascal and Royal Canadian Mint Account Manager Ronald Jean, coins from the Mint are not just unique gifts that can be treasured and passed down through generations—they can even inspire someone to start a collection of their own!

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Introducing the NEW Elements Coin Set—inspired by a MC member!

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