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Inspiration for your holiday gift-giving

With the holidays approaching, it’s time to start looking for great gift ideas. And if you want to give something special that transforms “thoughtful” into “unforgettable”, a carefully chosen coin can be just the ticket. For Masters Club member Pierre-Pascal and Royal Canadian Mint Account Manager Ronald Jean, coins from the Mint are not just unique gifts that can be treasured and passed down through generations—they can even inspire someone to start a collection of their own!


The wide variety of themes available is one of the reasons why Pierre-Pascal thinks coins make such great gifts. “From DC Comics to sports to historical moments of Canada to insects, animals, birds, boats and trains, there’s something for everyone,” he says.

For the history buffs on your list, the Mint has plenty of options celebrating important events and milestones in Canadian history, including the 1918 Armistice that ended the First World War. There are coins for sports fans, naturalists and sci-fi fans. And for global-minded collectors, the Mint even offers a selection of coins from other mints around the world.

Pierre-Pascal is particularly fond of big coins, like the five-ounce reverse-gold-plated 25-cent silver coin, because you can really see all the details. Some of his other favourite holiday options are this year’s lenticular offering, 3D Snowball Fight, and the two-ounce pure silver Wily Wolf, which features beautiful coloured leaves and textural details.

But coins aren’t just for the holidays. They can also mark special events in our personal lives like weddings, birthdays, graduations or any other important event you can think of.

Ronald points to the 2018 Baby Gift – Welcome to the World coin as an ideal gift to commemorate a new baby. He says some new parents have been so thrilled after receiving it that they started looking for previous years’ Baby Gift coins for their older children.


A gift of a coin is often cherished for a lifetime or even beyond, becoming a valued heirloom. And sometimes it can become more, inspiring the recipient to learn more about a particular minting technology or seek out other coins in a series. That initial fascination can even lead to a lifelong passion for coins—and help create a new collector, like it did with Ronald.

“When I realized the quality and the effort put into the coins,” he says, “I started to develop a passion for them.”

Pierre-Pascal remembers the first coin he received as a gift: the 2016 Lucky Four-Leaf Clover. He got it from the friend who introduced him to coin collecting—and he still treasures it to this day.

The Mint’s gift ideas are sure to help you check even the hardest people to shop for off your list. And if you see something you like while you’re looking, take it from Pierre-Pascal: “There’s no harm in buying a gift for yourself, too!”

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